About Us

Girl Rocks, a unique jewelry line curated by Barbara Rodolitz, embodies the image that women have been striving for. With over 30 years of experience as a sought after stylist and personal dresser in the fashion industry, Barbara made her mark with her talent for accessorizing. She felt that it wasn't just the outfit that made the woman- accessories are essential. Even a simple outfit can be transformed into something truly unique by adding a striking necklace, a delicate bracelet or a flirty earring.

Barbara hand selects designers from around the world who share her vision of fashion jewelry and what she considers "fashion forward".

Today's woman is stunning, sophisticated and  sexy, just like the pieces in the Girl Rocks collection. With Girl Rocks, women can exude power and confidence with a sense of playfulness.

Made with designs and semi-precious stones that vary in style, from fun and flirty to elegant and chic, the Girl Rocks collection has pieces that are perfect for day or night in any atmosphere. Each piece of jewelry has a message, and every facet of each stone tells a story.